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Bring the ‘wow’ factor to your wardrobe this summer with FNKAsia, via Hawtshop!

FNKAsia’ designed by Huma Adnan, is an urban-chic collection of colorful prêt wear for women and is a perfect melding of hip street fashion and traditional artisanship. Huma hand-picks long forgotten crafts from all over Pakistan, bringing indigenous identities together and presenting them in global silhouettes for the world to enjoy. The brand’s look is reminiscent of the glorious folklore of Pakistan, with dazzling mélange of intricate beadwork, delicious colors and traditional imagination. It transforms the ancient traditions of South Asian into a very contemporary and trendy signature statement.

FnkAsia, recognized as a distinct statement label, encapsulates the exuberance of culture and transforms it into red carpet glamour. FnkAsia’s signature pieces are an essential staple for any stylish young woman’s wardrobe!
  1. Shuja Said,

    FnkAsia is one of its own kind and has a variety of versatile coloring themes in their clothes. Its for funk and spunk altogether. Great to have and see its product line synced up with you people. Its going hot and trendy for sure. :)

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