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Pakistan has given birth to countless number of fashion designers in the past, but with the change in time and trend, the age roof of Pakistan’s designer has seems to drop. Evidence of this is easily visible with the young and fast rising fashion designer, Tayyab Bombal. In Pakistan, where female dress designers dominate most of the fashion industry, Bombal has become a glittering hope for the male clothing line. Like most designers, Bombal started with a small collection and continuously with no sign of stopping builds on his collection every year. Publishers and critics adulate him for many reasons that pertain to his fashion identity, taste, and collections.

He began his journey into the competitive world of fashion design with neckties. His line of neckties started in 2007, and has gone on to add more to his male line of fashion necessities and accessories. We are featuring his neckties on the website! His neckties vary aesthetically in design and are guaranteed to give you a professionally flawless appearance.  Each design comes in a variety of colors and patterns with both the pattern and colors complementing each other to generate positive feedback that. His neckties were also featured alongside his other collections during the Fashion Pakistan Week 2012.

During the Fashion Pakistan Week 2012, Bombal showcased lines of apparel for both male and females with the most attention placed on the male collections. His designs were bold, classy and stunning. He somehow managed to combine both the old with the new. It’s this merge of the old and the new that inspired the title of his session at the Fashion Pakistan Week. His showcase was dedicated to the old timer hence the fuse between the old and the new fashion design. The title of his show case was “My Past is My Future”.

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