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The history of the Ajrak goes back to the times of the primitive civilizations of the Indus Valley. A statue of a King Priest found from Moenjodaro shows a shawl draped around his shoulders. That shawl was decorated with a trefoil pattern, scattered with small circles, the interiors of which were filled with a red pigment, very similar to the modern day ajrak print.

Presently Ajrak is liked, worn and considered a perfect tool of tradition for modern outfits. Originally blue and red were the only colors used for Ajrak, however today it’s made in many different color combinations. Many Pakistani designers and textile industries are using Ajrak prints in their collections.

Nishat, one the leading textile industries of Pakistan did a complete Ajrak collection and gave modern outfits the much needed traditional touch.

Nomi Ansari in his formal collection used Ajrak with a lot of gold wire and zardozi work and stitched it into loose silhouettes, making it perfect to be worn at weddings or any other formal gathering.

Ajrak has been used by International brands like Soham Dave, who used it in their eco-friendly collection and made chic dresses out of it. The dresses show how versatile this print is and also show us ways of making this traditional fabric look totally modern.


This summer, add some ethnicity to your outfits by incorporating this gorgeous print in your outfits. Get some Kurtis made with panels of Ajrak or use Ajrak fabric for patch work on a plain outfit. We have seen printed trousers trending all over the place, get Ajrak print trousers and pair them with neutral colored shirts and accessories. Ajrak is not just about folk representation any more; it is  a full-blown fashion statement.



Photo Credit: Google

Fashion Pakistan, the pioneer fashion platform is back with its third Fashion Week. Where the first two days of the event were mixed, with some extraordinary collections and some mediocre ones, the third day was a fashionista’s dream.

Shamaeel Ansari

The day started off with Shamaeel Ansari’s collection that claimed to exude individuality, fresh energy and was said to be wearable and truly feminine at the same time. The collection was a truly versatile one with flowy silhouettes, trailing hemlines, embellished trousers and the first collection of the event to sport a Shalwar. The fabrics used varied from chiffon, georgettes, net to cotton and the colors used were earthy with some tie dyed combinations. The freshness and feminity was visible in the styling as models were made to wear flower hair accessories.

Iraj owning the ramp in a Shamaeel outfit

Iraj rocked a tailed dress with tailored hem and proved there’s no one who rules the ramp quite like her. All in all, it was a splendid collection that achieved what it had claimed to- individuality and fresh energy.

Baani D

The show was followed by a collection from Baani D, a brand described as ‘Hip Traditionalism’ by its founders. The collection was called ‘It’s complicated’, and was said to be more classic than faddish. It included elements from all four provinces and was accessorized by jewellery from Bina Ali. The collection was full of color, Patiala shalwars, Harems, short shirt dresses and geometric print kurtis. It was a very promising debut collection that signified the perfect High street look.

Mughal gone Mod

Ahmed Bham

Bani D was followed by Ahmed Bham, a designer known for close attention to detail whose clothing is associated with Quality and simplicity. His collection was a colorful, Hawaiian inspired summer wear with printed shirts and sleek jackets. We even spotted a Jesus look played by him, with brown printed trouser and a white sleek jacket. The collection with all its color and print was a treat to the eye, however has limited wearability.

The infamous Jesus look


It was great to see British Brands, monsoon and accessorize showcase their collections at the show. Their collections consisted of jumpsuits, flowy dresses, Hats, headbands and silk scarves. The colors used were bright pinks, greens, tangerine orange and a trend of big colorful bags was spotted; which we believe could be a style statement in itself.

Monsoon and Accessorize

With such an inspiring, praiseworthy first half of the show, the expectations for the second half had quadrupled. The second half was marked by big names in the industry namely Maheen Khan, Rizwanullah, Nomi Ansari and the talented new comer Wardah Saleem.


The start to the second half by Maheen Khan’s Gulabo made the entire ambience ethnic with 70’s Lollywood music, bright truck art inspired dresses and crocs. The essence of the brand of love for everything Pakistani was evident. A collection that consisted of jackets with Rickshaws at the back, printed trousers with white shirts and safety helmets as accessories was fun, unique, funky and exactly how street fashion is supposed to be.

Everything Pakistani


Wardah Saleem

This splash of color was followed by the extremely talented Wardah Saleem’s collection. It was named the Sindh collection, coming from the legendary home of Marvi. It consisted of vibrant colored cottons prepared with hand block printed techniques. The collection was full of color, tradition in western wear and was accessorized with ghungroo shoes to complete the look. A definite winner for us!

Colour Magic



The daring and innovative Rizwanullah was next with his much awaited collection. His collection was everything he is known for; sexy, out of the box and daring. It began with exuding a grey and white mood with backless dresses and went on to colorful patchwork dresses that got your eyes glued. He ended it with the perfect jaw dropping long flowy black dress. Rizwanullah definitely brought sexy back with a collection that was worth the wait.

Daring and innovative


Nomi Ansari

The final act was done by the fashionably fierce and fun Nomi Ansari known for his vibrant, vivacious and monochromatic dresses. He paid homage to real life stars by making them walk the ramp for him which was supported by a live performance by Ahmed Butt.  A collection that predominantly consisted of block colored flowy shirts, got the energies roaring high and received the much deserved applause for being the perfect end to a perfect day.

Stars walk for Nomi Ansari

The third day at the Fashion Pakistan Week has set the standard very high for the last day of the event and the upcoming fashion weeks. Day three was indeed a great day for fashion!


These pictures have been taken from http://pakteahouse.net/2012/04/10/fashion-week-pakistan-day-3-pics-exclusive/ and we do not claim any ownership over them.